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A company that stands for value, know-how and responsiveness. Training agents with the aim of being responsible and autonomous to provide quality work is my priority. 

Fatima Lohmann

Keyboard and Mouse



120 avenue du coteau 74190 Passy, France

Image de Clay Banks

The direction

Depuis 2014, 100Drillon.net74 met tout en oeuvre pour vous proposer un service de qualité. Ayant à coeur de satisfaire nos clients.

Allez l'équipe

Our team leaders

A friendly company, where life is good and the working atmosphere encouraging. Agents who want to do the right thing, which allows us to steer them in the right direction.

Les fournitures de nettoyage


The agreement between suppliers and the office is perfect. A lively communication that allows us to be informed of new features and also to receive good advice.

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